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 Johnny Is a British rock guitarist and composer, born and raised in a small city, largely hidden away from musically beaten track. And unlike so many others who are drawn to the big cities of creativity and culture, and the global bands create and adopt, Johnny has patiently, but deliberately held away from the influence of the mainstream world.

But this outside and somewhat quieter backdrop, betrays little insight into the enormity of his creations, and the aspirations and dreams they aspire from. And like his dangerously exotic music video, recorded atop Mount Snowdon itself, his songs are written to absolutely soar, and test the equipment he uses, the people he works with, and the fans who listen to his music.

So Johnny has finally put together a series of quality songs, to take the next step, and entice a public, all to eager for something that's is a disconnect from the everyday breakup songs of country and pop, or politics of rock and hip-hop, into a vibe to take you away from everyday news and business, and into a feel good, uplifting realm.

So with soaring anthemic guitar lines as powerful as they are melodic, and choruses as massive as they are memorable, Johnny is hugely excited to 'finally' show the world the music he is so proud to have created!

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